So fun:

November 2017

All Lines are "rested" before they are woven, allowing the line to "relax" for a smoother finished product.

Knotical Cordage

The "Military" Wreath.

Starfish can be added......

SeaShell White synthetic 

Many Decorations

Each Piece is Unique


Our team hand makes each and every items in our "factory".  Each wreath is one contiguous piece of line begun with a Turk's Head knot.

Within each wreath a penny is hidden within the braid for good luck.

Each 'LINE" is stretched and rested.

OUR Wreaths are made without anything but cordage.  All our ends are "whipped" to secure the ends.

Bracelets, Monkey's fist key chains, mats and more.......all things made of "line".

Knotical Cordage is all about rope, or line, as the mariners call it. Cordage can simply tie items together or create items.  

Knotical wreaths are one continuous line braided together to form a lasting loop. "A Wreath has no beginning and has no end".  Wreaths are a symbol of welcome.  In Swedish Culture wreaths were fashioned with candles and celebrated the power of the sun.

Sailors line or cordage is a fun medium to work with and can be transformed into so many items.


Nautical.....For The Sailor In All Of US.

Knotical Cordage Candle Wreaths

Candle Wreaths



The Patriot Wreath, synthetic line, 12"


(shipping available, allow 2 weeks)