Custom Wreaths Available

create your OWN look. 

Decide on size, color and cordage type and style, wreath features; shells, starfish, metal images, and more.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Payment upon shipping. Picture of image sent prior to purchase for approval.

Custom Wreaths $80.00 plus shipping. (note new gold and silver handmade ornaments pricing may increase pricing based on size, and shape and count.)

26" /3 pass 3/4"'s heavy!

We call this The TUG

​a popular wreath for larger spaces

3 Pass-$100.00

4 pass -$130.00

  Knotical Cordage

Starfish Tree

WREATHS are priced by size and the number of passes (lines) Call for pricing 


under 9"~$12.00/$25.00/$34.00 (typically have 2-3 passes)

9-12" 3 pass~$35.00 4pass~$40.00 5pass~$48.00

12-1"  3pass~$48.00 4pass~$55.00 5pass~$60.00

16-17" 4 pass~$65.00 5 pass~$75.00

24" +  3/4" line largest. The Tug 3 pass~$100.00 , 4 PASS~$130.00.


12" 2 pass $40.00

15" 3 pass $50

15" 3 pass 10+ loops $65.00

Starfish $5.00 each (Starfish are both real and reproduced; many varieties available)

Shells $4,00 each

Ribbon, dried flowers and more can be added.

Bracelets are $13.00

Monkey fist key chains $13.00

Matts $95.00 standard .

The Patriot Wreath

The Tahiti, YES Starfish are actually Blue in nature

The Plymouth

THE JETTY     dark line

Candle Wreaths are a holiday favorite!

(candle vase not included)

Pricing $25.00- 2 pass 8"

              $45.00-4 pass 10"

decorated as desired, typically 3 starfish


THE MADAKET    light line


Candle Wreaths

Wreaths decorated by the  Knotical Team, one starfish, or five, shells, or assortment.

*note; real shells and starfish are only used when found expired on beaches and sea coast. many starfish we use are reproductions.  We enjoy the environment.


Wreaths without decorations can be simply appealing, or add your own decorations by season; shells, flowers, ornaments....endless possibilities.

The Elizabethian,

Solid Brass, Nickel or Copper handcrafted Star Fish by a local metal smith. Eye Catcher!