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Our Team "Cordage"  all strive to make a beautiful unique wreath (and our other items). When the weaving is completed each wreath is tightened, adjusted, lightly sprayed with water to hold the finished form.    The end result is a wreath that is "one of a kind".

About Us


Knotical Cordage

Our journey is just beginning and we hope to expand our markets in the Knot trade and to hold workshops to help others create their own unique wreath to treasure. 

Knotical Cordage began, as some things do, a hobby, craft, and the joy and fun our team had along with the demand by friends and family, it has (and continues) to grow.

Each of our products are handmade, created we like to say.

Each wreath is 'decorated' based on the color, the weave and desired look.  Some are simply plain, others have many  added eliminates.  Custom wreaths are encouraged to gain the exact match for your favor.

We primarily use Manila Rope, Made from leaves of the Abaca plants, found in the Philippines, thus the name Manila.       We also use Sisal rope, lighter in color but not as durable, called Sisal Hemp.

Never say never, 2016 brought man-made ropes of poly and nylon, and they make lovely wreaths.

To the left is a nylon/poly "Seashell White Wreath".

turned out to be a real popular wreath. 

Enjoying our 7th year...….on line.